The writings included in this ‘PHOENIXES’ anthology are the hard work of 35 writers from around the globe; many who have never had work published before, and some who are sharing their deeply personal stories for the first time. The pieces were initially submitted to me for my ‘PHOENIXES Instagram project, and this book serves as an outlet for their feelings and stories.

This book will not be pretty in parts.

It’s not designed to be.

It’s an anthology of poetry and writing, written by survivors of trauma.
It’s an anthology of depth, importance and raw honesty.

Grammatically, and stylistically, as with many of my publications, this book may be a little rough around the edges in some ways. Hell, so am I. And so are you, whenever you truthfully look in a mirror. It’s what makes us who we are.

A few of the pieces within may have the odd typo, and there may be a few design flaws, if viewed by a traditional publisher. But I’m not a traditional publisher and I don’t intend to be any time soon. I am a vehicle for amplifying the underrepresented, via publications, productions and projects.

The pieces within this book are all authentic messages penned by brave survivors.

Hard-hitting at times; heartfelt, always.

Take your time to read this one