The poetry included in this ‘I AM A POET’ anthology is the hard work of 108 poets from around the globe; many who have never had work published before. This book serves as an outlet and opening for their talent. The work was submitted to me for my ‘I AM A POET’ Instagram project. My aim being to record many of the poems that were submitted – here in this anthology, and also via a consecutive spoken word project.

This anthology has two overriding purposes –

  • To encourage poets like myself and the poets included herein, to believe and remember that they are, indeed, poets and should use the term often and without shame.
  • To showcase the diversity that exists among poets, and the wide-ranging, ever-changing reasons that we use poetry to express ourselves, make statements, and attempt to understand others, the world, and ourselves. And to bring these different people and reasons together.

  • There was a huge number of pieces submitted for this project, and only so many I could fit within this book. The pieces included have been selected, because, above all else, they tell stories and relay messages exceptionally well, through their flow and voice, enabling us to connect with the hearts and minds of the poets, and in doing so, with parts of ourselves. We observe how the poets see themselves – through their words, and then we either resonate/empathize or learn new things, thereby educating ourselves in the process.

    As with many of my publications, this book may be a little rough around the edges in some ways. Hell, so am I. And so are you, whenever you truthfully look in a mirror. It’s what makes us who we are. A few of these poems may have the odd grammatical error, but they are all authentic messages, which we need in this day in age. Above all else, the poetry contained within reminds us to examine ourselves. Who knows? Maybe you’re a poet too.

    I know I am.