The 65 poems contained in this 3AM anthology, the debut anthology of my new Poetry 65 series, is the work of some very talented poets who took up my daily poetry prompts on Instagram. This book is a great bedside book, perfect for those nights where you can't sleep or happen to wake up around 3am.

Poetry 65 is a new and dynamic anthology series compiled from those Instagram prompts I gave that produced more than 100 submissions from different people. Each 'Poetry 65' anthology contains 65 of these poems, based on a whole range of different subjects. These are again crafted by a very hard working collective of poets from around the globe; some who have never had work published before.

This collection/project, as with the Poetry 365 project, serves in many ways, as an outlet and opening for their talent.

You can check our my daily poetry prompts and get involved by heading over to my Instagram account -